We Sang This Morning at 1st Presbyterian on Front Street Marquette

By On August 6th, 2017

Marquette – August 5 2017 – Many members and visitors all shared their concerns and blessings of the week. Its always fun to listen to.folks share whats good in their lives.

This morning Pastor Nick’s text came from Matthew 13 verse 31, the story of the Loaves and the fishes.

Pastor Nick questioned the origin of the story? Many think that as the sun was going down the disciples said we need to send them back to the Village to eat because they were so hungry.

Maybe… but Common Sense says the Christ Blessing of the Loaves and the fishes is the origin of that story?   hmm???

Pastor Nick said the real origin begins with Jesus the teacher called to listen...

In the next chapter of Mathew, chapter 14 verse 13, Jesus heard bad news, right before he went to a place of Solace out in the desert. What he heard was Herod’s birthday party was going on, and the dancing daughter, when she excited the King’s flesh, he said ask for anything. She asked her mother and then asked for John the Baptist head on a platter… and yes the Executioner pulled the head out of the bucket and put it on a platter.

Jesus just listened to that story of evil expressing itself and headed to the wilderness.  He needed to be alone, in that desert place, to reconcile his thoughts, his soul and the difference between Good and Evil.

As in this story, sometimes evil comes upon us and it’s very sad. The execution of his cousin John the Baptist left Jesus standing in the world in his grieving state, struggling.

Then a huge crowd interrupts him, screaming in pain, many troubled persons who were in need while struggling.  These people needed help. They needed healing.  So Jesus moves from grieving and His heart turns with compassion and He reaches out and touches one, and touches another, and touches yet another. A massive healing service was happening.

Then the disciples told Jesus as they tapped him on the shoulder and indicated He should send these people home, it’s getting dark, and they need to go to the Village because they’re very hungry.

Jesus told the disciples to feed them then.

The disciples said we have nothing here to feed these people just two fishes and five loaves.

Jesus said give me what you have considered is nothing. “Give It All To Me,” said Jesus.  “Give the things that you can’t change, just give it to me.” Then Jesus created something from nothing. And at that moment there was five thousand stories of God’s wonderful blessing as those five thousand plus people were fed.

So there was 5,000+ stories of thankfulness in the midst of that one story of evil with John the Baptist beheading.

So in the midst of evil, pray, reflect, and count our many blessings. Thanks Pastor Nick for that message today!

The congregation responded by singing Matt Redman’s popular song 10,000 Reasons Bless The Lord.