News and Events

By Sabrina LaForais On October 2nd, 2008

April 26, 2015;  Sunday Morning;  9:30am and 11am Services featuring the music of Andrea Crouch at Lake Superior Christian Church at the Cross Roads Marquette.

Palm Sunday March 29,  2015 –  An Evening of Andrea Crouch Music & Prayer with the congregation of Our Redeemer Lutheran in Michigamme.

March 8, 2015 Sunday 1p-4pm practice & worship service in the Green-Room at Great Lakes Radio

May – …. the “F” word- Sunday 6:25pm (This is what the sign could say out front)
The “F” word is Fear, it’s a 4 letter. Fear is not from God. Fear cripples us and causes up not to move forward. This properly advertised has a great opportunity to attract many to our

April- “Survivor”…
This one represents the greatest opportunity for our church to reach out, to invite cancer survivors, and to invite those that have survived tragic things. If our leaders/communicators get behind this theme, and our members embrace this theme, and invite survivors, this theme can really reach out and “pack the place” those two April Sunday nights.

March- “The Big 10”,
We’ll present an Exodus reading hopefully by a commanding voice like Walt Lindala,
it’s the 10 commandments

Feb- “Fire and Ice”,
People are looking for a heart on fire, valentines will be passed out, to love others you need to learn to love yourself, and learning to Love God is first is #1 before we can truly love others

Jan 24, 2010 6:25pm- “The Weight”
It is about forgiveness, forgiving ourselves too, and learning to forgive others,