By Lauren B On September 21st, 2015

41 West Christian Fellowship has had numerous members and participants over the years.  As time goes, people move, leave Northern Michigan University, get married, some leave the state etc. and rosters change.

Here’s a list of some of the past participants.

Todd Noordyk
Rita Noordyk
Luke Noordyk
Cori Noordyk
Naomi Vizena
Joe Vizena
Gene Uuro
Lori Uuro
Sean Uuro
Alex Dykstra
Hudson Noordyk
Ben Wilson
Dennis Harold
Kevin Lewis
Joe Cadeau
John Roy
Bob Mager
Lolly Mager
Rich Lusardi
Stephanie Lusardi
Jeff Couveau
Courtney Johnson
Gordy Murray
Ron Hanlon
Jim Pennell
Barb Pennell
Bob Ross
DeeDee Dupras
Lynn Ylitaol
Crystal Bickley
Ben Carlson
Audrey Leaf
Ron Eheman
Bob Junak
Brock Junak
Steve Losiewi
David Roy
Rick Pascoe
Joseph Thompson
Steve Anderson
Robben Gitzel
Chris Gitzel