Sunday Worship In Gwinn Includes LIVE Music and Excited Pastors

By Lauren B On July 26th, 2016
From left Todd Noordyk Wyatt Leutz Tim Zambon John Hendry Scott Leutz

From left Todd Noordyk Wyatt Leutz Tim Zambon Jon Hendry Scott Leutz

GwinnTuesday July 26, 2016 – About 35 people from Marquette, Negaunee, Marquette Township, Forsyth Township, and Gwinn gathered next to Gwinn Ace hardware at Living Faith Fellowship for morning worship.  Over the past two Sundays, a LIVE Band helped facilitate worship.  The band included guest artists Todd Noordyk on vocals and keys, Tim Zambon on vocals and acoustic,  Wyatt Leutz on Bass the first week and Luke Noordyk on vocals and bass last Sunday. T0 help follow along on the songs, the church projected the words so all could sing and enjoy.

Attendee enjoyed the lively music that was based in scripture with songs like There’s Power in the Blood, Mercy is Falling, Jesus is the Answer, Give me Jesus, and Swing Low sweet Chariot. Maybe you’d like to come and enjoy some fresh, LIVE music Sunday mornings 10:30am in Gwinn next to ACE.

Two weeks ago guest Pastor Scott Leutz spoke on blind Bartimeus. Pastor Scott said Bartimeus had faith and believed what Jesus Christ told him and he was able to see. Bartimeus knew that this moment might be his only chance to get what he wanted from Jesus. So he shouted loud and kept shouting again and again: “Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!” Some people in the crowd were annoyed. They told him to keep quiet. St Mark says that Bartimeus “shouted even louder”.  Pastor Scott Leutz said the lesson here is sometimes we need to alter our agenda when nudged. Then Christ healed him and he shared the nws and they saw him restored, it woke up the towns people and reminded us that we could exercise our faith and listen and obey. The lesson from guest Pastor Scott Leutz was good.

Senior Pastor John Hendry Encourages The Church At Living Faith fellowship In Gwinn Michigan

Senior Pastor Jon Hendry Encourages The Church At Living Faith Fellowship In Gwinn Michigan

This past week, Senior Pastor Jon Hendry continued with his discussion on Signs and Wonders. Pastor Jon gave us a dozen scripture passages to chew on, take in, and review in our minds. All scripture is useful and when reading it and hearing it good comes out on the other side.

Here is a listing of scriptures to look up.  Pastor Jon Hendry is covering these scriptures in the series which he is calling: Prophetic Update

Daniel 2:19-21
Daniel 4:32
Acts 1:7
These opening scriptures declare God’s sovereignty in the affairs of men.

The next scriptures prove that God provides signs that go with particular times.
Matthew 16:1-3
Isaiah 7:14

Daniel 9:25 Promise of Issuing a Decree to begin God’s timetable of first coming.

Daniel 9:27 Promise of treaty to begin 70th week of Daniel.

Exodus 12:13 Blood of the Lamb was a sign.

The Brass Serpent in the wilderness was also a sign. Numbers 21:8 & John 3:14

The following are some scriptures indicating signs of the time of the end of Man’s government.
Matthew 24:1-14
2nd Thessalonians 2:1-7
Those signs include Falling Away ,Revelation of Anti-Christ and The Abomination that causes Desolation.

2nd Tim 3 I have just begun on this scripture and we will get into this on Sunday July 31st, 2016.

Our final note is a direct Thanks to senior Pastor Jon Hendry, and guest pastor Scott Leutz!  Thanks Pastors for the work you do for our Savior Jesus Christ. May he richly bless you in life, and Reward you eternally for your service to him.  If you have questions about things call the church.  Pastor Jon can be reached at 906-346-9509 · 215 E State Highway M35 · Gwinn, MI 49841-9002 … Find Living Faith Fellowship Church at 215 E State Highway M35, Gwinn MI 49841-9002.