41 West Expands to Westwood Mall

By Lauren B On June 21st, 2019

We have a new site, all set up, ready to play soon!

ay, rehearse, sing, stream etc. More coming soon😎

Pastor Jenny Cammarata invited 41 West to

By Sabrina LaForias On June 19th, 2019

MarquetteSunday June 15, 2019 – Pastor Jenny Cammarata invited 41 West to conduct a service for two bus loads of Presbyterian high school kids on a mission trip from Milwaukee to Marquette.

Naomi and I sang and played 8 songs. Jenny projected the words and these “Missionary kids to Marquette” sang along.

This 45-minute heartfelt intimate event set the stage for a week of Christian work and service in the Marquette County area.

Pastor Nicks new bull dog puppy took a liking to Todd Noordyk as the adults sat in comfy chairs and chatted after the service.


Happy Birthday Uncle Ralph Johnson Ada, Michigan

By Lauren B On June 2nd, 2019

Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 1, 2019, 80 people gathered to enjoy a birthday party for Ralph and Ruth Johnson.Aunt Ruth invited friends, extended family, and next of kin to “Reds Thousand Oaks” just off the East Beltline 5 miles North of I-96. We enjoyed a Champaign toast, salad, roast beef, chicken, and cake. A friendly “Share a Sentiment and Roast” followed where family and friends shared encouraging words about Ralph.Then 41 West and the Koulband kicked in from 7 to 9p. Steve Azkoul played guitar. Dominique Azkoul played bass. Luke Noordyk also sat in on bass. Steve’s friend sang. Bennie Keys played the drums. And I had a ball rockin’ my 1948 vintage Hotrod Hammond BV with Trek Percussion, and Twin Tube 144 Leslies with 147 amps.We played the Good ole tunes like Mercy Mercy, Fly Me To The Moon, Sweet Potatoe, This Masquerade, Have You Seen The Rain, Spooky and many more. Aunt Ruth and Uncle Ralph even were inspired to dance together. Happy 90th Uncle Ralph😎

Worship Band At Your Church

By Lauren B On July 11th, 2018

July 2018 – If you’d like a local 4 piece to come to your church and provide music (6 to 10 songs) and worship for a service, we would like to come. We also will do a Wednesday or Sunday evening. Contact me at 906-361-3325

41 West Musicians Bring Soulful Musical Connection to Service

By On July 1st, 2018
Need a band for our church? Contact us!

Need a band for our church? Contact us!

Sawyer – July 1, 2018 – 41 West musicians just finished 3 weeks of services to end June 2018 and begin July. Today was extra special with people responding to the music, the feel, the message as we sang and played brute and tight so it felt right.

Naomi Noordyk and Micheal Waite had beautiful vocals and harmonies. I sang a few and Harry South played the upright string bass.

I enjoyed twin Leslie 145’s on my 1948 Hammond BV with Trek Bass and Percussion…wow, steep Leslie Speakers with vintage tube amps. All analogue, All Tubes, All the time!

Luke Noordyk played accoustic guitar and bass over the last 2 weeks and Luke sang also.

Today we jammed pre-service on an old soulful tune called “Sweet Potato”. Eva Cassidy’s “People Get Ready”, “Trading My Sorrows”, and Mavis Staples versions of “We Will Not Be Moved” and “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” were done very well and people sang along.

The Revelation Song was especially touching today as we lead into Pastor Scott Leutz sharing on we are vessels, and God has always used human vessels to do his work.

Bottomline,  So lets be filled and used for kingdom work of sharing the Gospel and building disciples of Christ. We are called to a greater purpose.

If you need a band at church sometime, call me at nine 06 three 61 three 32 five



We Sang This Morning at 1st Presbyterian on Front Street Marquette

By On August 6th, 2017

Marquette – August 5 2017 – Many members and visitors all shared their concerns and blessings of the week. Its always fun to listen to.folks share whats good in their lives.

This morning Pastor Nick’s text came from Matthew 13 verse 31, the story of the Loaves and the fishes.

Pastor Nick questioned the origin of the story? Many think that as the sun was going down the disciples said we need to send them back to the Village to eat because they were so hungry.

Maybe… but Common Sense says the Christ Blessing of the Loaves and the fishes is the origin of that story?   hmm???

Pastor Nick said the real origin begins with Jesus the teacher called to listen...

In the next chapter of Mathew, chapter 14 verse 13, Jesus heard bad news, right before he went to a place of Solace out in the desert. What he heard was Herod’s birthday party was going on, and the dancing daughter, when she excited the King’s flesh, he said ask for anything. She asked her mother and then asked for John the Baptist head on a platter… and yes the Executioner pulled the head out of the bucket and put it on a platter.

Jesus just listened to that story of evil expressing itself and headed to the wilderness.  He needed to be alone, in that desert place, to reconcile his thoughts, his soul and the difference between Good and Evil.

As in this story, sometimes evil comes upon us and it’s very sad. The execution of his cousin John the Baptist left Jesus standing in the world in his grieving state, struggling.

Then a huge crowd interrupts him, screaming in pain, many troubled persons who were in need while struggling.  These people needed help. They needed healing.  So Jesus moves from grieving and His heart turns with compassion and He reaches out and touches one, and touches another, and touches yet another. A massive healing service was happening.

Then the disciples told Jesus as they tapped him on the shoulder and indicated He should send these people home, it’s getting dark, and they need to go to the Village because they’re very hungry.

Jesus told the disciples to feed them then.

The disciples said we have nothing here to feed these people just two fishes and five loaves.

Jesus said give me what you have considered is nothing. “Give It All To Me,” said Jesus.  “Give the things that you can’t change, just give it to me.” Then Jesus created something from nothing. And at that moment there was five thousand stories of God’s wonderful blessing as those five thousand plus people were fed.

So there was 5,000+ stories of thankfulness in the midst of that one story of evil with John the Baptist beheading.

So in the midst of evil, pray, reflect, and count our many blessings. Thanks Pastor Nick for that message today!

The congregation responded by singing Matt Redman’s popular song 10,000 Reasons Bless The Lord.

1st Presbyterian Rockin’ With 41West

By On July 31st, 2017

MarquetteJuly 30, 2017 – 41West engaged with for over 100 people this Sunday morning as we played & worshiped together on Front Street Downtown Marquette.

Pastor Nick spoke about our mindset for living. Pastor spoke about an older Ethiopian tribe that had a mindset where they sacrificed the health of an infant, so the tribe would be healthy. This is a perverted mindset that is based on dark spiritual principles and the “Flesh”.

Pastor Nick encouraged us to have a spiritual mindset that is focused on the light and the Word, a Godly mindset with Jesus and love at the center.

Pastor Nick Cammarata 1st Presbyterian Marquette

Pastor Nick Cammarata 1st Presbyterian Marquette

Pastor said a touch of God rarely comes when one is focused on the “Flesh”. A scriptural mindset, in tune with the truths of the Bible and the Great I Am, creates the path for God to openly intervene in our lives.  It’s a very special thing to have a Godly Christian mindset. You can reach Pastor Nick at (906) 226-6587.

41West had a ball this morning playing 6 songs/jams. It was an enjoyable time as we sang Mavis Staples’ Have A little Faith, Eva Cassidy’s People Get Ready, Lincoln Brewster’s You Are Good, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and a couple of originals.

Gene Uuro played lead guitar beautifully, and we did his new happy sounding composition in the key of G called, “Sunday Morning”.

Luke Noordyk held the band together with a strong bass line and vocals.

Bill Houghton Jr. was rock solid on the drums.

Naomi Noordyk sang beautifully.

I put some Hammond B-3 touches on Mavis Staples song, enjoyed playing the churches Petrof Grand Piano, and I played a Yamaha wind instrument with my keyboard for some saxophone solos.

We play the next 3 Sunday mornings. The band changes a bit every time we play so it’s always fresh. We encourage you to come out this Sunday August 6 2017 from 9:45a-11a on Front Street by the Landmark Inn.

1st Presbyterian looking tot he North

1st Presbyterian looking tot he North1st Presbyterian looking tot he North

Living Faith Fellowship Church On The Move In Gwinn

By Lauren B On August 30th, 2016

Forsythe Township   August 28, 2016  –  Living faith fellowship blessed some 15 kids Sunday morning.  Pastor Scott Leutz prayed for these kids. Pastor Jon Hendry encouraged them and asked for blessings and safety for them for the whole school year.

Parents and community members attended the morning service Sunday and had a good time.  About 50 folks enjoyed the music of 41West.org and the good talk by Pastor Scott Leutz.

41 West band members included Gene Uuro on lead guitar and vocal,  Ben Wilson on drums, Tim Zambon on acoustic guitar and vocals,  Wyatt Leutz on bass, and Todd Noordyk on the keys and vocals.

After the 90 minute service ended, Vollwerth Natural Casing Hotdogs were enjoyed by all as they wrapped things up with a summer style luncheon for the kids and parents.

You are invited to attend Sunday morning.  Come as you are at 10:30am.  All are welcome.

Blessing of The Bikes – opps I mean “Blessing Of The Spikes” in Gwinn

By Lauren B On August 26th, 2016

Gwinn  –  August 26, 2016  –  Sunday the Gwinn community is invited for a fun morning of encouragement with Jon Hendry & Scott Leutz and positive rock-n-roll by the band 41West.

Kids, parents, grand parents…are all invited to Come As You Are to the “Blessing of the Spikes”.  It’s a chance for Pastor Jon Hendry and Pastor Scott Leutz to encourage our kids.  The topics is “Living free, wild, young”…but to do so safely by making good choices.

Just like we Bless Our Bikes in Gwinn, we will Bless the Spikes and all kids that attend.

Join us for a rock-n-roll service with 41West.  Band members Gene Uuro, Tim Zambon, Ben Wilson, Wyatt Leutz and Todd Noordyk will be playing songs by Hillsong, Lincoln Brewster, Jeremy Camp, Glenn Kaiser and more.  Be there early for a seat.  See you at 10:24am this Sunday the 28th at Living Faith Fellowship next to ACE Hardware Gwinn.Living Young Living Free with music by 41 west

The Spirit Was High As We Gathered at Living Faith Fellowship In Gwinn so Come Try It Sunday at 10:30am

By Lauren B On August 1st, 2016
lot of cars in it Sunday at Living Faith Fellowship Gwinn

A lot of cars were in the parking lot on Sunday morning at Living Faith Fellowship Gwinn

Gwinn  –  Sunday, July 31, 2016  –  Numerous local people from around Gwinn, Forsythe Township, Negaunee, and Marquette gathered  along with some folks camping for a heart felt service of teaching and singing yesterday.  “It seems the church is growing”, said Pastor Jon Hendry as he noted folks from all around the area are still willing to come and pray, sing with a worship band, and listen to good preaching with lots of scriptures to review. Pastor covered a lot of scripture Sunday at 10:30a with a meaty message. He reconciled signs and wonders and end times thoughts, the nations involved, and what will happen in the future.

Over the past 4 weeks or so, Pastor Jon Hendry has covered these scriptures in a deep thinking series which he is calling: Prophetic Update…Daniel 2:19-21, Daniel 4:32 and Acts 1:7…These scriptures declare God’s sovereignty in the affairs of men.

The next scriptures prove that God provides signs that go with particular times…Matthew 16:1-3 and Isaiah 7:14

Daniel 9:25 Promise of Issuing a Decree to begin God’s timetable of first coming.

Daniel 9:27 Promise of treaty to begin 70th week of Daniel.

Exodus 12:13 Blood of the Lamb was a sign.

The Brass Serpent in the wilderness was also a sign. Numbers 21:8 & John 3:14

The following are some scriptures indicating signs of the time of the end of Man’s government.
Matthew 24:1-14, and 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-7
Those signs include Falling Away ,Revelation of Anti-Christ and The Abomination that causes Desolation.

Left to right Tim Zambon on a Guild accoustic and Wyatt Leutz on bass

Left to right Tim Zambon on a Guild acoustic and Wyatt Leutz on bass

2nd Tim 3 I have just begun on this scripture and Pastor Jon Hendry focused on these Sunday July 31st, 2016.

The band at Living Faith Fellowship played new material which attendees sang to. Keyboardist and vocalist Todd Noordyk, acoustic guitarist and vocalist Tim Zambon, and bassist Wyatt Leutz played some of today’s favorites like;
Mercy is Falling by David Ruuis,

Corner Stone by Hillsong 2012,

I don’t Know Why Jesus Loved me by Andre Crouch,
It’s All About You by Big Daddy Weave,
Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin
and Give Me Jesus by Jeremy Camp

So come to Sunday’s Service at 10:30am.  Or if you have questions about things call the church.  Pastor Jon can be reached at 906-346-9509 · 215 E State Highway M35 · Gwinn, MI 49841-9002 … Find Living Faith Fellowship Church at 215 E State Highway M35, Gwinn MI 49841-9002.